Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bucket List Updated

I did 7 more things on my list since I last looked at it! Although, that was in 2006... The new things are bold and italicized below.

I even travelled alone to Australia and New Zealand and drove on the "wrong" side of the road. I've become a beach bum, wear more skirts/dresses than pants/shorts, eat beets, played dodgeball, play ultimate frisbee, attempt disc golf, played at a water park, put myself in debt, drink whiskey and scotch neat (as opposed to gin and vodka), started aerial yoga, homebrewed beer, started drinking beer other than IPA, and heaps of other things. Rock climbing, I did again and got pretty decent but then had to stop when I moved back to Maui. Yes, the one thing on my "will never ever do in this lifetime" list, I did... I moved back home. It's okay and I'm starting to find a place for myself here on the island.

Anyway, here's the list I made years ago. Some things I could change but I'll do it at a later date. There is one thing on the list that I'll never check off, unfortunately. Oh well, life is just an adventure and not all of them turn out as expected. Just gotta go with the flow!

Things to do before I die...
1. Visit Antarctica
2. Explore Africa
3. Travel around the world in one go
4. Skydive
5. Read a real book
6. Get in shape (a flat stomach possibly?)
7. Swim with sharks
8. Go to Australia
9. Visit all Australian States
o Western Australia
o South Australia
o Victoria
o New South Wales
o Tazmania
o Queensland
o Northern Territory
o Australian Capitol Territory
10. Live in Australia for at least 2 years
11. Visit New Zealand
12. See a kiwi bird
13. Hike most of the Columbia River Gorge trails
14. Visit India
15. Learn more Arabic
16. Ride the Indian Pacific train
17. Ride the Trans-Siberian train from start to finish
18. Ride the scenic Amtrack routes (did the Empire Builder route from Minneapolis to Portland)
19. Catch a fish with bare hands
20. Snowboard
21. Ski
22. Skate on a real frozen lake
23. River Raft
24. Rock Climb
25. Eat balanced meals
26. Jump off a 50 foot cliff into a glistening natural pool (only jumped from about 25 ft)
27. Swim with wild animals (frolicked with sea lions)
28. Finish nursing school with no psychological issues
29. Get an adorable dog (although I no longer get to take care of him)
30. Take care of a gecko
31. See a dingo
32. Observe a wild manatee or dugong
33. See stromatalites
34. Eat a bug without vomiting
35. Pet a camel
36. Ride a horse (rode on a beach in Oregon and through a river in Australia)
37. Grow a garden on my own
38. Teach a bird to talk
39. Purchase a Rolex (black mother of pearl with diamonds)
40. Visit Asia (done Malaysia and Singapore)
41. Learn Italian
42. Learn how to cook better
43. Meet a real life beaver
44. See a panda
45. Re-learn to sew
46. Practice better yoga
47. Do the Bridge Pedal
48. Observe an autopsy
49. Save a life
50. Say "sorry" less

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas is here!

Been a slacker. Here are two cards I made at Paperdoll's Collage Art Card Making Class.

Below is made with rubber stamps and a tacky old card, cut up to look less overpowering. The silver was a border around the entire card and it had a silver christmas tree in the middle... yikes!

Next up is just a bunch of paper put together. I love it. Musical paper and stamps make me want to know what it is and what it sounds like. Maybe it's a dirge or a horrible composition. It could be the Itsy Bitsy Spider for all we know!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

First Collage

Hey there. Janene taught and helped me to make this collage a while back. It was so much fun, yet stressful. I'm not a good placer of things and color mixer. Basically, the whole thing was based on the pigeon sticker. Got it from SCRAP!

Pictures came out awful but you get the general idea.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Chandelier Happiness

Using some of the stamps I just got! Yay! I have always wanted the Chandelier stamp from Impress but wasn't sure. I still love it and finally bought it since Impress is now selling to retailers! I so want to take a field trip up to the retail store... I better start saving!

(Chandelier from Impress/Savvy, Scalloped dots from A Muse, Sentiment from Wordsworth).

The curtain is neato but I'm never sure if I'm using it in the right manner. It's too refined for my general stamping personality but I like it a lot. So, here it is.

(Chandelier from Impress/Savvy, Sentiment and dotted circle from Cats Life Press, Curtain from Stampers Anonymous). All supplies were bought from Paperdoll!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

my newest stamps

I have purchased a lot of new stamps lately. Joann has a lot of new clear stamps that are on sale and become about $5 per sheet so I just cannot resist.

As a nurse, I see lots of sick people. I often wish I could make and give some of them get well cards, but I can't since that would be crossing boundaries. My mom, who lives on a small island however, seems to know a lot of people that become ill or are taking the "Journey Home," as I like to call it. So I get to come up with get well cards that I think I would prefer than the run of the mill Get Well cards. I think the cards above and below are ones I'd like to get if I were having to deal with cancer and surgery. (Sometimes I feel like I sound insensitive when it comes to a person's well-being so if I do, I'm sorry).

The Buddha stamp is from Inkadinkado. Flourish from Impress. Sentiments both from Wordsworth (I'm pretty sure).

Okay, I know I make a lot of "sympathy" cards but my mom requests them. I guess shopping for them isn't any fun so I have the honor of making them for her. I don't mind making them though. I like try creating beautiful sympathy cards with a meaning. I especially like to use birds that are looking up because it seems that they're looking to another place.

Bird is a newbie for me, from Inkadinkadoo. Flourish from Judikins.

On to a happier note... my friends have just purchased and moved into a new house! I've been wanting to use the tree paper for something special and now I have found its purpose! I don't really care that it looks like fall and the current season is spring... Anyway, the house is new for me. I don't know who makes it but I will find out later and post it here. Thanks for looking! I'd like to hear comments if anyone reads this. Cheers!