Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Insomnia got the best of me...

Here is a card that I made in the wee hours of the morning. I couldn't sleep and decided to stamp... until 0430. I'm not the happiest with it, but the card makes me smile... I miss the beach. I made others but those are my samples for my make and takes (and cuter, I think).

(A Muse Surf Shop, Fence, Waves, and sentiment. Ribbon is "wavy". I just omitted glue on the parts that I wanted to stick up a bit.)

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

What? Me?

So, I'm super-uber excited because I am going to be a part-time make and take demonstrator at paperdoll! This is especially neat for me because I fancy myself as still quite new at this stamping/cardmaking thing. I feel so honored... although, I guess what the make and takes really will be geared toward are simple (to encourage folks into the art of stamping), and quick (I don't like complicated, overly done stuff too much).

Drop by for make and takes on:
September 15 (Sat) 2:00-4:00
October 13 (Sat) 12:00-4:00
October 20 (Sat) 2:00-4:00
[None in November, but check out their "Christmas Card Retreat" at their website.]

Check out papedoll online , call 503.408.6867, or visit them at 7909 SE Stark St. Portland, OR 97215.

What I want to be...

So, a question was posted on the A Muse blog site. If you answer it, you have a chance to get a neat stamping prize. I liked the question so now I ask you, as a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Here's my answer to the post. Of course, there's much more to it, but these were the main ones:

In preschool and kindergarten I wanted to be a school bus driver since I loved singing "the wheels on the bus go 'round and 'round". In third grade, I wanted to be a marine biologist since I lived in Hawaii and saw all kinds of neat sea creatures. Then I was tossed by a wave and almost drowned so I developed a fear for the ocean. I wanted to be an anesthesiologist in 5th grade since I thought it was neat to help people "go to sleep" before they were going to be in pain from surgery (I wanted to be a surgeon but I didn't trust my shakey hands.) Later, in fifth grade, I learned that medical examiners did sort of similar things as surgeons, but they also got to help solve crimes. So and that's what I wanted to be until my senior year of college (after studying abroad) when I decided that I wanted to help more people in the world and fulfill my dreams of travelling. So, I am currently in nursing school. Now, when I grow up, I want to be a nurse with knowledge of sea and land creatures, other people and cultures, and how to make fun cards and crafts to share with friends!

Here's the list I can remember as of now... I guess I can add them up:
  1. School bus driver
  2. Marine Biologist/Oceanographer
  3. Veterinarian
  4. Architect
  5. Surgeon
  6. Anesthesiologist
  7. Virologist (level 4)
  8. Forensic Pathologist/Medical Examiner
  9. Seventh grade science teacher
  10. Diagnostic Imaging Tech (MRI, CT, Nuclear Med)
  11. Paramedic
  12. Nurse
    1. Emergency Room
    2. Operating Room
    3. Nurse Anesthetist
    4. Forensic Nurse
  13. Lottery Winner

Monday, August 27, 2007

You're Cool!

I made this card for my parents since they let me stay with them for almost three weeks while I was visiting. They also let me use their cars, including my mom's precious Prius, pretty much whenever I wanted. Of course they're my family, but I think they really went out of their way to accommodate me. Anyway, I got three of these A Muse stamps during A Muse A Palooza... the two new stamps "you're cool" and little penguin, and the pool is new for me. The grass is practically a basic that every A Muse fan has. The green paper is from Target and is really stinky... actually, more like toxic. Woo! You get a good whiff when you open the package. Probably made in China.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

This one's for Janene

Hey. I was bad and went to Paperdoll today. I bought these two new stamps (flourish from and tree birds--actually a "book belongs to" stamp, both from Impression Obsession) as well as a clear set of words (love) by Clearly Wordsmith, and had to use them... literally... there's a wedding coming up. I took forever in Paperdoll and Janene helped me pick out the perfect stamps. I made this tonight with Marvy LePlume II pens and some new inks that I got from Art House (Versa Color). I messed up on the scalloped edges with the blue and green so I used my finger to smudge in sky and grass. It might be just a bit over done, but I like it Hope you do too! Cheers!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Made on Maui

Here's a card I made for a friend that took me around hiking and dancing on my vacation. He's a bit of a partier and has a house good for dance parties. I gave it to him after he was talking about how big his place was for just him to be living there and he was impressed that the timing was so perfect.

Amuse sentiment, Judikins slippers or "flip flops".