Thursday, May 29, 2008

my newest stamps

I have purchased a lot of new stamps lately. Joann has a lot of new clear stamps that are on sale and become about $5 per sheet so I just cannot resist.

As a nurse, I see lots of sick people. I often wish I could make and give some of them get well cards, but I can't since that would be crossing boundaries. My mom, who lives on a small island however, seems to know a lot of people that become ill or are taking the "Journey Home," as I like to call it. So I get to come up with get well cards that I think I would prefer than the run of the mill Get Well cards. I think the cards above and below are ones I'd like to get if I were having to deal with cancer and surgery. (Sometimes I feel like I sound insensitive when it comes to a person's well-being so if I do, I'm sorry).

The Buddha stamp is from Inkadinkado. Flourish from Impress. Sentiments both from Wordsworth (I'm pretty sure).

Okay, I know I make a lot of "sympathy" cards but my mom requests them. I guess shopping for them isn't any fun so I have the honor of making them for her. I don't mind making them though. I like try creating beautiful sympathy cards with a meaning. I especially like to use birds that are looking up because it seems that they're looking to another place.

Bird is a newbie for me, from Inkadinkadoo. Flourish from Judikins.

On to a happier note... my friends have just purchased and moved into a new house! I've been wanting to use the tree paper for something special and now I have found its purpose! I don't really care that it looks like fall and the current season is spring... Anyway, the house is new for me. I don't know who makes it but I will find out later and post it here. Thanks for looking! I'd like to hear comments if anyone reads this. Cheers!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Red :: Black :: Silver

I had the ugliest bulk envelope box... now it's bearable. I'm a lazy, sloppy paper-coverer so you can see heaps of raw edges and creases. I just like to "MacGuyver" ugly things to look at least decent. I really want to get the Crop-A-Dile Big Bite but I am too lazy to go to the store that is carrying them. For the tag thingy, I just glued it, along with the brads on (bent the tabbies so they wouldn't show) with Diamond Glaze, my version of most peoples' duct tape. My experience with the Diamond Glaze is that it hold better and smells better than Krazy Glue. Another plus... it makes things shiny!

I absolutely love these stamps from Cats' Life Press. They're both so me. I'm not good at collaging but I think these would be so funny in a great collage. Or as a *hint hint* to a hairdresser or seamstress. [All stamps Cat's Life Press, except for the polka dot background on the "no clothes" card. I believe that's Impress.]

Four of the schools I have attended in my lifetime has had red and black, or red and white as the school colors. I wonder sometimes if that's the reason I like these colors together. Hopefully I don't get too attached to the colors of my other schools though... two involve that ugly royal-grape purple. Yuck!

Snow Monkey!

I haven't posted a random picture in quite a while. I get National Geographic pictures on my google homepage and had to share this with you. It's a cute snow monkey taking a bath in Japan. This monkey looks like a person I've seen somewhere... at school, on tv, or on the street... not sure. Anyway, this thing is so absolutely cute!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Birds and Ocean

My friend, who was a successful private-practice dentist in Peru and basically "nothing" here got into a dental health program at my alma mater, Pacific University. Congrats!

Using my new stamp from Impress... the light blue flourish thingy. Goldish-green flourish I think is Judikins. Bird is Cats Life Press. Sentiment is Amuse. Went overboard with the Stickles glitter.

Partially inspired by "Harold" (see below). Same flourish as above. Bird from Impress. Don't know where the sentiment comes from. Mini ric rack from my grandma's old stash.

Weekend at the Oregon Coast, Canon Beach. Beautiful sunset reflecting off the estuary.
"Harold" (we named him) the seagull that begged for food multiple times a day.