Thursday, May 08, 2008

Red :: Black :: Silver

I had the ugliest bulk envelope box... now it's bearable. I'm a lazy, sloppy paper-coverer so you can see heaps of raw edges and creases. I just like to "MacGuyver" ugly things to look at least decent. I really want to get the Crop-A-Dile Big Bite but I am too lazy to go to the store that is carrying them. For the tag thingy, I just glued it, along with the brads on (bent the tabbies so they wouldn't show) with Diamond Glaze, my version of most peoples' duct tape. My experience with the Diamond Glaze is that it hold better and smells better than Krazy Glue. Another plus... it makes things shiny!

I absolutely love these stamps from Cats' Life Press. They're both so me. I'm not good at collaging but I think these would be so funny in a great collage. Or as a *hint hint* to a hairdresser or seamstress. [All stamps Cat's Life Press, except for the polka dot background on the "no clothes" card. I believe that's Impress.]

Four of the schools I have attended in my lifetime has had red and black, or red and white as the school colors. I wonder sometimes if that's the reason I like these colors together. Hopefully I don't get too attached to the colors of my other schools though... two involve that ugly royal-grape purple. Yuck!


Martha said...

At present I am wearing nothing but red and black. This is the case on many days. I often have issue with to much red. Red coat, red shoes, red, folio, yikes! Love the red and black!

Martha said...

Oh, and you're totally right about purple! :-)