Thursday, May 29, 2008

my newest stamps

I have purchased a lot of new stamps lately. Joann has a lot of new clear stamps that are on sale and become about $5 per sheet so I just cannot resist.

As a nurse, I see lots of sick people. I often wish I could make and give some of them get well cards, but I can't since that would be crossing boundaries. My mom, who lives on a small island however, seems to know a lot of people that become ill or are taking the "Journey Home," as I like to call it. So I get to come up with get well cards that I think I would prefer than the run of the mill Get Well cards. I think the cards above and below are ones I'd like to get if I were having to deal with cancer and surgery. (Sometimes I feel like I sound insensitive when it comes to a person's well-being so if I do, I'm sorry).

The Buddha stamp is from Inkadinkado. Flourish from Impress. Sentiments both from Wordsworth (I'm pretty sure).

Okay, I know I make a lot of "sympathy" cards but my mom requests them. I guess shopping for them isn't any fun so I have the honor of making them for her. I don't mind making them though. I like try creating beautiful sympathy cards with a meaning. I especially like to use birds that are looking up because it seems that they're looking to another place.

Bird is a newbie for me, from Inkadinkadoo. Flourish from Judikins.

On to a happier note... my friends have just purchased and moved into a new house! I've been wanting to use the tree paper for something special and now I have found its purpose! I don't really care that it looks like fall and the current season is spring... Anyway, the house is new for me. I don't know who makes it but I will find out later and post it here. Thanks for looking! I'd like to hear comments if anyone reads this. Cheers!

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Kristina Lewis said...

Love these! They have so much thought put into them!