Monday, August 14, 2006

Things to do before I die...

Let's see... Here's a list of things I really want to do and/or have wanted to do in the past that I may or may not have done. Some of it's just a frivorlous dream but who really cares but me? It's in no real order, just what I think of. So the accomplishments will be bolded. I'm sure I'll add more later.

Things to do before I die...

  1. Visit Antarctica
  2. Explore Africa
  3. Travel around the world in one go
  4. Skydive
  5. Read a real book
  6. Get in shape (a flat stomach possibly?)
  7. Swim with sharks
  8. Go to Australia
  9. Visit all Australian States
    • Western Australia
    • South Australia
    • Victoria
    • New South Wales
    • Tazmania
    • Queensland
    • Northern Territory
    • Australian Capitol Territory
  10. Live in Australia for at least 2 years
  11. Visit New Zealand
  12. See a kiwi bird
  13. Hike most of the Columbia River Gorge trails
  14. Visit India
  15. Learn more Arabic
  16. Ride the Indian Pacific train
  17. Ride the Trans-Siberian train from start to finish
  18. Ride the scenic Amtrack routes (did the Empire Builder route from Minneapolis to Portland)
  19. Catch a fish with bare hands
  20. Snowboard
  21. Ski
  22. Skate on a real frozen lake
  23. River Raft
  24. Rock Climb
  25. Eat balanced meals
  26. Jump off a 50 foot cliff into a glistening natural pool (only jumped from about 25 ft)
  27. Swim with wild animals (frolicked with sea lions)
  28. Finish nursing school with no psychological issues
  29. Get an adorable dog
  30. Take care of a gecko
  31. See a dingo
  32. Observe a wild manatee or dugong
  33. See stromatalites
  34. Eat a bug without vomiting
  35. Pet a camel
  36. Ride a horse (rode on a beach in Oregon and through a river in Australia)
  37. Grow a garden on my own
  38. Teach a bird to talk
  39. Purchase a Rolex (black mother of pearl with diamonds)
  40. Visit Asia (done Malaysia and Singapore)
  41. Learn Italian
  42. Learn how to cook better
  43. Meet a real life beaver
  44. See a panda
  45. Re-learn to sew
  46. Practice better yoga
  47. Do the Bridge Pedal
  48. Observe an autopsy
  49. Save a life
  50. Say "sorry" less

Wow, I've got a ways to go.

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