Thursday, September 28, 2006

Maui no ka oi

Even though no one reads this, I thought that I'd keep on posting... So, I'll try this in Pidgin.

Eh, howzit? Guess wat cuz. I stay going back Maui. Yeah, brah. I going, da kine, for Christmas time.

Going be good fun. I going spend time wit da family and da boyfriend. I tink we going go whale watching and da kine like dat. I like go up Haleakala fo one hike or something like dat.

So, wat you tink? Sound good, yeah? Going be one big partay. Shoots bah. Jus hope we no run into these buggas.

Da portagee man of war is my nemesis. K-den, I going go now. Ho, but rememba one ting. Maui no ka oi (Maui is da bes). Take care and aloha. Mahalo for reading.

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