Friday, January 18, 2008

Simple Cards, Knitting, and Sewing

Hi! I've finally made some cards! I am obsessed with this bird from Cats Life Press and I keep finding myself using it in the same place with the words in the same place (bird right side and words upper left). I also love Stickles.

Thank you from Impress. I used Stickles as accents.

I went crazy with the orange and yellow Stickles.


Here's my Knitted and Sewed goods. I started knitting in December so don't laugh... I also cannot seem to get my scarf to uncurl. I think I'm just too lazy to do much about it though. Below is my second-made scarf, encircling a reusable java jacket that I made. It fits paper cups from your local java joint. The first scarf I made was lost the day I finished making it! So sad.

My first hat. I had to put the "Monkey Business" pin on to hide a couple holes I made.

Hope you're all having a good day and take care!

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Martha said...

You have got to come to one of Cecily's craftapalooza celebrations!