Saturday, July 28, 2007

Making cards in paradise

Hey all! I'm back in my homeland of Hawaii. Just visiting my family and old friends. It's been fun so far but I am constantly tired. Maybe it's my allergies to Maui (the sneezing and sinus stuffiness always returns when I return). Anyway, I brought over a few stamps, am buying a few Hawaiian stamps, and making some cards! I haven't really used the Hawaiian stamps yet but here's two cards I've made so far.

A thank you card for my mom's friend. My mom has a poodle and wanted it on the card (as I knew she would). I don't have all my tools here so I had to get creative with the direct-to-paper method in order to fill in the empty top portion. Making this card was super fun!

This card was for a childhood friend's surprise baby shower. Today was the day of the event and I crossed out all the days leading up to today. She's actually due in August so I stamped another calendar (A Muse) on the inside and filled it in for August. "Counting down" was individually stamped and cut out, similar to the other baby card I made. I'll post more when I get more done!

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