Saturday, July 21, 2007

The Neatest Tees Ever!

Hey! My friends have been getting these awesome t-shirts and I was getting jealous so they told me about this website called Threadless T-Shirts. If you link thorugh me I get some credit dollars to get even more awesome clothes so if you buy something use me: Below is an example of one that I'm getting. It's called "we are made of carbon."

I am so conflicted... should I get four? I like them all equally. Oh well... probably just three (I'll minus the one that is totally me--japanese cartoonish bio characters in test tubes). Anyway, check it out! It's rad. Oh! They take entries every week and people score them to see which design will be made into a shirt, so it's not all the same 'ol manufactured stuff... totally unique! Cheers!

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