Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I'm a Yap

So, I have an island... it's Yap Island.

It's in the Pacific Ocean, part of Micronesia and just north of West Papua and Palau. I added an asterisk (under the Y) to show you where the island is...

This is the picture that inspired me to do a little more research on my island. It's of a reef scallop that I got from google. It looks so cool. I saw something that looks sort of like this while I was snorkeling off Kangaroo Island, South Australia. I think I saw a sea slug though and it was brighter and had white (ha ha! A patriotic sea slug for former British colonies.) I don't know what I really saw because I get frightened when I snorkel and the current was strong and we were in between canyons of coral (I'm afraid of coral too). Anyway, this thing is neato!

Yap is also known for it's absurdly large, stone money. They probably started with small money and as people got richer, the stones needed to get bigger. I don't know really, but I'm speculating and need to do further research. Here's a pic of a Yapese with three stone monies.

Cool huh? Well, I sure do think so. I just decided that some day, I will visit Yap Island. This is now a part of my list of things to do and near the top. Maybe when I'm rich, I'll bring my dad, mom and brother with me... yeah, I'm dreaming again.

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