Wednesday, May 09, 2007

My Encounter with Buddy

As my friends and I were walking up the hill in NW Portland to enjoy the sunny day, we came across a man and a tortoise. Buddy was just walking up and down a stretch of grass along side the road and often veering off course into the road. We stopped to chat. Buddy was friendly and allowed me to pet his shell and head! The best part was when he stepped on my foot. They move pretty quick for being "slow" animals. Oh, and he was super duper cute when he ate grass... actually I think that was my favorite part of our visit. I so want one but I know the consequences... they can live for 100+ and grow to be up to 300 pounds! Oh well, we can't get everything we want. So I leave you with a picture of a rare Galapagos tortoise named George.

(from Yahoo! News)

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