Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Mother's Day

I decided two days ago to make a set of cards for my mom as a mother's day gift. These are my favorite four cards of the bunch.

The stamp used is currently my favorite because it's so simple and versatile. It's from Stampendous, called Agapanthus Bloom. I added glitter to bits of each flower, which is difficult to see from the scanned image.

The card below is supposed to be a peach color and has black eyelets as accents.

The next card is a little fuzzy because it's been raised with those thick sticky tape thingies (the scanner doesn't like that much). It's supposed to look like a picture frame hanging from a wall. The ribbon is held up by a silver brad and the "picture" is strung with white organdy ribbon tied through silver eyelets. The paper is blueish-silver, sort of shimmery, and matches the stamped image color pretty well.

This next one is the same color as the first, just a different style and sentiment.

There are quite a few people my parent's age that are passing away. Sad as it is, a nice, simple sympathy card is often the best. Again, the white organdy ribbon is tied around the card as an accent.
Sorry I used white cardstock, it's difficult to see. It's actually paper from a ream of 120 lb. cardstock that I bought at Office Max (got the idea from Martha). I cut and scored each sheet with my paper cutter that has both attachments. Works pretty good as long as you use the rougher side for stamping.

So, since I haven't sent these out yet, don't tell my mom!

Happy Mother's Day to all you mommies out there!


Martha said...

You are so good! I haven't touched my card-making supplies since the day you and Kim were over.

If you haven't gone to paperzone yet, you should. they have the best bulk paper.

Crystal said...

That is soooo nice!