Monday, June 11, 2007

Opposites Attract

Here's a picture of my fridge. I like magnets... so I made two yesterday as I was procrastinating (got my homework done tonight).

FYI the GWB card says on the outside: "I have three little words for you" inside: "Thank You"... I have a Mr. T 1-800-COLLECT magnet from college that says "Call yo' mama". A couple of plaster of paris Care Bears from my childhood, a "your anger makes me happy" bunny magnet (Eddie's absolute favorite), New England Aquarium: Boston penguin, Oregon Humane Society, "Mr. Brewski says 'beer is good'" sticker, magnet that Martha made for me in college, a Hawaii gecko, a "don't hurry me, I'm on Hawaiian time" turtle, Nebraska chicken on a farm, five japanese alien thingies, an echidna crossing, an "all biggots will be reincarnated as gay, homeless people of color" pin and an encouragement magnet from a staff person at Pacific University for my graduation.

Here are the two... The crab is embossed in silver and says "shake a stick at it for your protection". I love that one but don't know how to use it on a card. The second is my favorite bird stamp. It's embossed in queen's gold and standing of a 'branch'. The bird says "chirp". Not too fancy but I am enjoying them.

You can also see a bit of my favorite post card sent to me by Oxfam Unwrapped (International) telling me that they have great new gifts that I can give to people that will really go to someone else in the world. Check out their site, it's great (there's also a link on my sidebar). I got my dad manure for the most recent Christmas and my parents got a cow the prior Christmas. When I'm working, I might buy a teacher or bathrooms... They also started to send magnets (fancy that) with pictures of the item to the recipient. So my parents have a magnet of manure on their fridge. There's also a new American Oxfam site so you don't have to convert pounds to US dollars and pay the extra international credit card fee. They're selling a crocodile for only $50!

Oh! You can also see my echidna crossing magnet! Yay for echidnas! Don't run over them...

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